MARVEL's Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos: Titan Consumed (Marvel Studio' Avengers: Infinity War) - Barry Lyga

Maybe because I’m a bit mad myself, I dunno, the bottom line is I actually think I “get” Thanos and why he did what he did. Granted, in the movies, his original impetus is equilibrium, whereas in the original comics, he’s just trying to impress Death, the object of his somewhat misguided affections.

Anyway, Lyga present’s the Mad Titan’s backstory here in a way that makes Thanos if not quite a hero, at least as a somewhat sympathetic character who just can’t understand why his desire to help is constantly met with utter scorn and rejection (as is the Titan, himself. Even his own mother hates him).

There were moments when I wanted to envelope the big purple guy in a bear hug and moments when I wanted to choke his neck. Sometimes I felt great empathy for him, and other times I was almost disgusted with myself for feeling so much compassion for a guy who... well, I won’t give it away.

This was a one-sitting read for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.