The Secret Keepers - Diana Sudyka, Trenton Lee Stewart

When we first meet Reuben, whose father died eleven years ago in a factory accident under a cloud of mystery, he's sneaking around and taking what appear to be crazy precautions and risks for a kid. Reuben is stealthily moving around, avoiding a group of men called The Directions, who work for The Smoke, a shadowy figure that is not to be crossed.


Before long, Reuben discovers a device with a truly amazing feature, and it isn't long before Reuben's on the radar of The Directions and The Smoke, which is the last place in the world he wants to be.


Fortunate for Reuben, he makes some friends as he tries to avoid The Smoke and his henchmen, and these friends are more than willing to share Reuben's burden and help him learn some valuable lessons about trust along the way. The question is, even with the help of his friends, will Rueben be able to take down an evil empire that even the police seem unable to destroy?


This is a suspenseful read with layers of mystery and bits of humor  by an established author who knows how to write to keep his audience turning the page. Great read for the young and not-so-young, alike! Books like this remind me of why I started enjoying YA in tne first place!


Galley copy. Opinions my own.