Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently - David Ludwig, Author

Nothing particularly groundbreaking unless you're new to the ketogenic/low carb/slow carb world, but everything in here is straightforward and user friendly. Charts and recipes make the plan easy to understand. Basically, you'll go high-fat, low carb for phase one (with little to no starchy carbs at all); phase two includes more carbs but still gets 40% of calories from healthy fats; and phase three allows up to 40% carbs, but how many and which kinds essentially depend on individual tolerance. The book also addresses how sleep (or the lack of sleep) and stress effect us and offers insights into getting more and better sleep and bringing our stress levels down.


This isn't a diet so much as a lifestyle change that's designed to break the processed carb addiction that leads to weight gain because of the way our bodies produce and react to insulin. The more junky carbs we eat, the hungrier we feel, and the hungrier we feel, the more junky carbs we tend to eat.  


Overall, this seems doable, and I like the way it addresses the "whole person" and doesn't just focus on the foods we should or shouldn't eat. I'm happy that the author understands how most of either can't or possibly even shouldn't follow a super low-carb diet long term, especially when there's no real need to. This is a way of eating I think I can live with!