Prince Of Fire  - Daniel Silva

I went to a conference with a coworker where, along with the number of other people, we scored over 2,700 student essays. My coworker loaned me this on day one of the conference because Silva is one of her husband's favorite authors, and we have similar taste in books. I didn't think I'd want to read anything in the evenings after spending all day reading on a computer screen and straining my eyes, but once I started this, I had a hard time putting it down so that I could let my eyes rest. Much of what I read in here seemed familiar to me, so much so that I was wondering if perhaps I'd read previous books in this series but forgotten about them. It turns out that I hadn't, but Prince of Fire is inspired by actual historical events that I was familiar with, hence my confusion regarding the feeling of familiarity. I'm now a fan of Silva's Gabriel Allon series and will be adding the rest of the titles to my ever growing to-be-read pile. This is a fast paced thriller of high intensity and suspense.