The Last Detective (Peter Diamond Book 1) - Peter Lovesey

I don't know how I hadn't previously come across Peter Lovesey's police procedurals featuring the irascible Det. Peter Diamond, but I'm very thankful to have been introduced to this series. Though The Last Detective didn't end exactly the way I wanted it to, what's important is that I actually cared enough about the characters to want things to end a certain way, and I even searched online to see if I could find any kind of sequel or any information about what happened after I turned the final page. I need to know where three of the characters go next! That need to know more about the characters' lives means I was invested in the book, and I love it when that happens. Peter Diamond, as cranky as he can be, has found himself a new fan in me, and I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest of series. I thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up in this, and I'm excited about digging into the series!


Lagniappe: Det. Diamond is apparently a fan of Fabian of the Yard, so I did an online search to see if that was an actual person, and I was tickled to find out he was. Here's a link to an old black-and-white episode that, coincidentally enough, also has to do with death by drowning. This is called The Executioner from 1955. Enjoy!


Thanks to Netgalley and Soho press for the digital copy, which did not influence my review.