Under the Midnight Sun - Keigo Higashino

This is no ordinary novel. It is an intricate, well-written, and perfectly paced exposé of the darker side of human nature. There are those within its pages who must learn that even a midnight sun can burn its worshippers.


Higashino presents a multi-layered novel comprised of deeply flawed, complex human beings whose extreme natures and exceptional self-control drive them to exert dominance over people and situations. The annals of history overflow with myriad people--some famous, some infamous, some outright sociopaths--whose singular determination either compelled or allowed them to accomplish the almost impossible, good or ill. It is from them, perhaps, that Higashino drew inspiration for the main characters in Under the Midnight Sun


Though lengthy, there are no superfluous storylines. Each narrative is an integral thread in the web. Detective Sasagaki has his work cut out for him, but he also has enough doggedness (and packs of Hi-Lite cigarettes) to keep him digging for the truth.


Not since reading The Devotion of Suspect X have I enjoyed a Higashino novel this much, and I found myself staying up late into the night reading, and thinking about the book over the course of the next day. This is an excellent novel written by a true master of the craft of suspense.



(Netgalley ARC, but views my own)