The Infernal Device (A Professor Moriarty Novel) - Michael Kurland

I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, so anything Holmes-related is going to attract my attention, and when I happened across the chance to get the entire Professor Moriarty series for a song, I grabbed them up, and this, the first in the series, didn't disappoint.


Of course it's odd reading a novel that makes Moriarty a hero of sorts, but for a good read, I'm willing to overlook the fact that this is the man who tried to kill Sherlock Holmes (knowing the outcome of that fateful meeting at Reichenbach Falls makes it easier for me to overcome my natural aversion to Moriarty). In The Infernal Device he comes across as intelligent and calculating, of course, but also as a gentleman with a certain kind of honor. I won't say I like him, but I find him slightly less than utterly despicable, and it's very interesting to see him and Holmes having to work together for a change.


The plot revolves around international intrigue, an unfortunate murder, and a dastardly plot to kill a prominent member of the British royal family. Of course there are close calls, plans gone awry, and a spectacularly suspenseful climax at the end.


I recommend this to Holmes fans and to readers looking for action, intrigue, and suspense. Long live Sherlock Holmes!