The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing: From the Files of Vish Puri, Most Private Investigator - Tarquin Hall

The basic premise here is that the goddess Kali appears out of nowhere and kills a prominent scientist right out in the open in front of several eyewitnesses who even have a video to use as proof of the supernatural. It's up to Vish to determine whether this is murder or truly an act of an avenging god.


I like these Vish Puri cozy mysteries. They're humorous and funny, and the loveable cast of characters keeps me coming back for more, along with the mysteries, themselves. Vish always has more than one mystery to solve at a time, but fortunately for him, he has a handful of operatives (Tubelight, Flush, and Facecream) he can always count on. Now if he can just figure out a way to keep his mom, Mummy-ji, to understand, once and for all, that 
Mummies aren't detectives!" And this time, she even has Vish's wife involved!


Since Vish is such a foodie, I'm including a link to a temple sweet made in India. I've never tasted this, but it looks delish!