The Case of the Missing Servant  - Tarquin Hall

I'm smitten by Vish Puri of the Most Private Investigators, and this is the kind of enjoyable cozy mystery that got me reading cozies in the first place. The Indian Sherlock Holmes, Vish Puri is intelligent and thorough, but also affable and compassionate. He's the kind of detective who's personal motto is, "Danger is my ally," but he's also the kind of husband who sneakily stuffs his gut full of unhealthy (and delicious sounding!) food behind his wife's back. His mom, Mummy-ji, meddles in his affairs, and his daughters are the apples of his eye. He's full of old-fashioned values, but he's also adapting to a modern and changing India. He's just so doggone likeable!  


I  made frequent use of the glossary at the back of the book, and I also found myself regularly looking up recipes and other items of interest on the Internet.  I love a book I can read, enjoy, and learn from all at once! Imagine how tickled I was when I found out Vish has his own webpage! Score!